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From our Book Series we have the following books available to our members at special discounted prices *:

 Syed Z. Abedin and Zia Sardar, eds., Muslim Minorities in the  West, London: Grey Seals, 1995.


 Ali Eminov, Turkish and other Muslim Minorities in Bulgaria,
 London: C. Hurst & Co. (Publishers), 1997.


 Hugh Poulton and Suha Taji-Farouki, eds., Muslim Identity and  the Balkan State, London: C. Hurst & Co. (Publishers), 1997.

  12.00 / $18.00 paperback _________

 Abdul Samed Bemath, compiler, The Mazruiana Collection: A  Comprehensive Annotated Bibliography of the Published Works of  Ali A. Mazrui, 1962-1997, London: Institute of Muslim Minority  Affairs, 1998.

  28.00 / $42.00 hardback __________

 Fatima Umar Naseef, Women in Islam: A Discourse in Rights and  Obligations, London: Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs, 1999.

  16.00/ $24.00 paperback _________ 

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Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs.


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* Prices are inclusive of airmail postage and handling within the United Kingdom. For other countries, add 4 / $6 for postage and handling per book.

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