Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs is a refereed social science journal produced by the Institute of Muslim Minority Affairs and published three times a year in April, August and December by Carfax Publishing, Taylor & Francis Ltd, Oxfordshire, UK. First published in 1979, the Journal has now firmly established itself as a highly respected and widely acclaimed academic and scholarly publication providing accurate, reliable and objective information on Muslim minority communities world wide.


The Journal has become increasingly influential as the subject of Muslim minorities has acquired added significance. About 500 million Muslims, fully one third of the world Muslim population of 1.5 billion, live as minorities in 149 countries around the globe. Even as minorities they form significant communities within their countries of residence.



       What kind of life do they live?

       What are their social, political and economic problems?

       How do they perceive their strengths and weakness?

       What, above all, is their future in Islam and in the communities of their residence?


The Journal explores these and similar questions from the Muslim and international point of view in a serious and responsible manner.


Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs is the only scholarly journal studying Muslim communities in non-Muslim societies. It provides a wealth of information about these communities that cannot be found anywhere else in documented form. It has opened up a new area of specialization in minority studies with original articles addressing the minority condition from the historical, demographic, social and economic perspective. Our research interests extend to include non-Muslim minorities living in Muslim societies, interfaith dialogue with the objective of promoting understanding, and the study of Muslim minority women who face particular and complex challenges to their minority existence while maintaining their Islamic identity. The Journal has indeed pioneered the way in examining theoretical and conceptual issues that define and explain the minority experience.



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